Happy birthday Chyler!

Happy birthday Chyler! I hope you have an amazing and wonderful day! For such an amazing and wonderful person you are, you deserve everything you could possible want today! You are an inspiration! You are amazing person and deserve to be celebrated today! So I hope you get some amazing celebrating done and have the most amazing day you can possible have!

Chyler is attending Heroes Assemble Con

Chyler tweeted (see below) that she will be attending the Heroes Assemble Con which is hosted by Empire Conventions on June 9 and June 10, 2018, in Paris. For more information on the Heroes Assemble Con hosted by Empire Conventions, go to their website.

Chyler is attending ClexaCon 2018

ClexaCon announced today on twitter that Chyler will be attending ClexaCon. ClexaCon will be April 5 to 9, 2018 in Las Vegas. For more information on ClexaCon check out their site here.

New Layouts!

I’ve upload new layouts for both the main site and gallery.
My lovely friend Nicole made this header a while ago for me and never got around to using it until now. Both the main site and gallery are matching layouts. Also, thanks to my lovely friend Carol for making the layout!
All of Chyler’s official links are on the navigation bar at the top on both main site and gallery. Our links are to the right of the envelope icon and Chyler’s are to the left of the envelope icon. Also, you may notice next to the latest images are links, those links are things that Chyler supports and are apart of, check them out.

3.05 – Damage – Caps Added

Monday night, November 6, 2017 was the fifth episode of season 3 of Supergirl on The CW! This Supergirl episode was titled Damage. Chyler did amazing in all her scenes in this episode. You were able to feel what Alex was going through in this episode. If you need to speak to anyone after this episode, please reach out to The Trevor Project

Supergirl > Season 3 > Screencaps > 3.05 – Damage

Chyler Offers Hope to Fans, Recalls Filming Heavy ‘Sanvers’ Scenes

TvLine recently spoke to Chyler while on set of Supergirl. Chyler talks about filming the heavy Sanvers scenes as well offering hope to fans.

Speaking with reporters on Supergirl‘s Vancouver set, Leigh addressed Monday’s “heavy episode,” which featured the long-dreaded Maggie/Alex split, saying,” In a lot of ways, it felt like a genuine breakup.”
“I love Floriana [Lima] to pieces,” she continued. “She’s amazing. What we were able to do together for the community, but also for just like our friendship and being able to establish such strong characters … that goes beyond how many episodes we do together. I’m incredibly grateful for that.”
And even though Alex and Maggie’s relationship has ended, Leigh acknowledged that the episode didn’t provide “absolute closure, because no one ever knows exactly what’s going to happen. As of now, what we know is we got these five amazing episodes based on [Lima’s] availability. If she can come back, I know we would all love to have that happen. I don’t know what that would look like … but that’s not my job. My job is to do the best with what has been handed to me.”

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Introducing Create Change

Chyler and Nathan have gave Charity Pulse a brand new makeover. Charity Pulse is now Create Change. You can find out more about Create Change and why it got a makeover in the video below in which Nathan and Chyler talk about it!

Chyler attends 2017 GLSEN Respect Awards

Chyler attended the 2017 GLSEN Respect Awards on October 20, 2017 with her husband Nathan West. I must Chyler looks stunning! Enjoy these pictures.

Also, a huge thank you to Lindsey and Stephanie for some of the help with the pictures! Please credit us kindly if you are posting these anywhere else. Thank you.

Public & Events Appearances > 2017 > 2017 GLSEN Respect Awards

3.01 – Girl of Steel – Caps Added

Monday night, October 9, 2017 was the first episode of season 3 of Supergirl on The CW! This Supergirl episode was titled Girl of Steel. Chyler was amazing in all her scenes in this episode! I think the episode was powerful. What was your favorite Alex scene in this episode? Are you all excited for next weeks episode? In the mean time enjoy these lovely caps of Alex from the first episode of season 3!

Supergirl > Season 3 > Screencaps > 3.01 – Girl of Steel

East of Eli – Glow

East of Eli has a new song out Glow and you can listen to it on soundcloud here. Also, you can find out a little more information and upcoming tour dates here

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