Chyler attends The Thirst Project 3rd Annual Gala

Thanks to my amazing friend Marica, whom added pictures of Chyler at the 3rd Annual Thirst Project Gala on June 26, for adding the pictures while I was there.
I, along with Myriam and Larissa gave Chyler the scrapbook and she and Nathan looked at it and both were amazed by what all the fans did. She was touched by us doing the donations and how much we managed to raise.

For those fans that keep asking me, Chyler and Nathan weren’t at the ceremony as they had a family emergency.

Chyler and Nathan wanted to let everyone know at the Gala, that they are matching our donations of over $700 we raised and donating $6,000 for a well in Uganda in the name of the fans who did this. To watch that part go to here to see the video.

I have to say if you don’t know much about Thirst Project and want to find out more or and find out ways to help go to Thirst Project

I’m adding more pictures of Chyler at the arrivals of the Gala so keep an out for them.
ETA: Also, thanks to my amazing friend Isabelle, for some of the additional additional images I’ve added.


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