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Chyler Leigh on Sandra Oh

“Working with Sandra was a major lesson for me about grace, giftedness and passion. She is probably the best-prepared actor I’ve ever seen or met. The incredibly thought-out sticky notes that plagued her scripts were an incredible example of why we do what we do for a living. She dissects everything — no pun intended — and embodies such an honest authenticity through every word that leaves her mouth, whether spoken or unspoken,” says Leigh, who stars in Taxi Brooklyn, which NBC recently acquired. “Her graciousness to give a scene partner 110 percent every single take is, in my book, unparalleled. I am honored to know her and to have worked with someone so classy, so sincere, so intelligent and so damn talented. She was really the first castmember I worked the most with, being one of her interns. Amid the drama of the show, we always managed to laugh together. I appreciate her tremendously. And, might I add … she’s just beautiful. She’s absolutely ageless.”


Chyler and Nathan Join Social Media

I want to start off letting you all know, I did go ahead and get a confirmation of this, so everything, I’m posting has been confirmed already.
Chyler Leigh and her husband, Nathan West have decided they are ready to join the social media and below, you can find both of their twitter, Instagram and Facebook, account links. Besides, their social media accounts, you can also find their new production company account which I’ve also linked below!

Also, below, is a screenshot of the confirmation, if you are in doubt.

Instagram –
Twitter –
Facebook –

Instagram –
Twitter –
Facebook –

Modern Machine:
Instagram –
Twitter –
Facebook –

NBC Acquires ‘Taxi Brooklyn’ for Summer

NBC acquired Taxi Brooklyn for the Summer airing. Taxi Brooklyn will make it’s first US television appearance on NBC on June 25, at 10pm EST

– Wednesday, June 25 (10-11 p.m.)
“Taxi Brooklyn”
Cast: Chyler Leigh, Jacky Ido, Ally Walker, Jennifer Esposito
Executive producers: Edouard de Vesinne, Gary Scott Thompson, Thomas Anargyros, Olivier Megaton (episodes 1-2)
Production companies: EuropaCorp Television
Logline: An action-comedy police procedural centered on the fractious, closely bonded partnership between a streetwise Marseilles-born New York City taxi driver and an intensely driven NYPD detective for whom this immigrant cabbie becomes chauffeur, insider on the streets and unofficial partner.

Chyler to star in Taxi: Brooklyn South

According to Spoiler TV, Chyler will star in action-buddy comedy series Taxi: Brooklyn South, which is a remake of a French film franchise (which has four films so far). In the new show, she’ll play a “NYPD officer who partners up with a French taxi driver,” and it starts filming in just a few weeks.

Luc Besson (who wrote and produced the Taken, Transporter, the original Taxi films, La Femme Nikita, and much more) is producing the series, and his frequent collaborator Olivier Megaton (who directed many of the above listed films) will direct at least the first two episodes.

In 2004, there was an American film remake with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon, which also was set in New York and only grossed $11 million for the studio. Not too promising, but hey — it’s been more than a decade and Chyler is starring, so we have high hopes. The French leading role has not been cast yet (though Spoiler TV notes Inglorious Basterds’ Jacky Ido is attached to the project), but hopefully they’ll have great chemistry.


Chyler no longer apart of Holding Patterns

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Erinn Hayes is replacing Chyler Leigh in NBC’s Holding Patterns.

Hayes filled in for Leigh, who was under the weather and unable to attend the initial table read. Once Leigh returned and rehearsals began, the actress, sources say, did not have the same chemistry with the rest of the cast.

More Information on Chyler’s Holding Patterns Character

Zap2it had posted a little more of Chyler’s Holding Patterns character when they announced the news of Robert Buckley joining the cast of Holding Patterns.

“Holding Patterns” also stars “Grey’s Anatomy’s” dearly departed Chyler Leigh and British actor Humphrey Ker as the couple whose wedding is the reason for the plane ride.

Chyler is filming a tv movie Window Wonderland

Thanks to my amazing friend Olivia for the heads up on the tweets, but it seems Chyler is filming a tv movie called Window Wonderland

Chyler Leigh Joins NBC Comedy Holding Patterns

TVLine first reported Chyler is starring as the lead in NBC’s comedy Holding Patterns. Below I’ve added information about the show and the news. Let’s hope NBC decides to pick up Holding Patterns for the new 2013-2014 TV schedule.

ETA: I’ve added more information from more articles including the name of Chyler’s new character and a little bit about the character!

Chyler Leigh has landed her first major TV gig since checking out of Grey’s Anatomy last May, scoring one of the lead roles in NBC’s comedy pilot Holding Patterns.
From Office scribe Justin Spitzer.Spitzer, Holding Patterns is a multi-cam ensemble about a group of friends whose lives are altered after surviving a plane crash.
Rachel Kaplan (Do No Harm) and Peter Traugott (Samantha Who?) are also attached as EPs.


Grey’s Anatomy alumna Chyler Leigh is set to topline NBC’s comedy pilot Holding Patterns, from writer Justin Spitzer, Peter Traugott’s TBD Prods and Universal TV. It is an ensemble multi-camera comedy about a group of friends whose lives completely change after they survive a plane crash. Leigh, repped by UTA and the Burstein Co, plays the sarcastic and free-spirited Leah, who ruins Griffin’s (Humphrey Ker) proposal dinner, and is the unintentional cause of the plane crash.


Unlike her role on the ABC medical drama, she’ll star as a woman who survives a crash in the multicamera entry “Holding Patterns.”

Chyler Leigh may not want to fly again anytime soon.

The former Grey’s Anatomy actress has been tapped to star in NBC’s plane crash comedy Holding Patterns, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The multicamera ensemble comedy from The Office’s Justin Spitzer centers on a group of friends whose lives completely change after they survive a plane crash. Leigh will play Leah, an irresponsible and absent-minded slacker who lacks direction despite her brains and sarcastic wit. She’s always been good at anything she tried and rather than attempt to become great has moved from one dead-end job to the next. She shares the ground floor of a Minneapolis duplex with her two best friends, Griffin and Sabrina.
Spitzer will pen the Universal Television comedy and executive produce alongside Peter Traugott and Rachel Kaplan.

For Leigh, the casting comes nearly a year after her Grey’s Anatomy character, Lexie, was killed off in a plane crash on the ABC medical drama.
Repped by UTA, Burstein Co. and Stone Meyer, Leigh’s credits include The Practice, Girls Club and That ’80s Show.


Time Jumpers’ New Video to Features ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star

The Time Jumpers are pulling out all the stops for their new self-titled album. The CD, released last month, features Vince Gill among the group’s 11 members playing the unique brand of western swing that’s been their trademark since first forming in 1998. Now the band has filmed a video for the album’s “On the Outskirts of Town,” employing one of TV’s most well-known actresses to star in the clip.

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Chyler Leigh, has been tapped to play a prominent role in the video. The actress, who sports a pixie cut instead of the long tresses she wore as Lexie Grey on the Emmy-winning series, makes several appearances in an excerpt from the video, which can be seen here. According to the band’s website, more clips from the video will be available in the upcoming weeks.

The Time Jumpers recently moved from Nashville’s tiny Station Inn, where they had been playing since 1998, to a larger club, 3rd and Lindsley, to accommodate the band’s growing fan base. Still, in spite of their increasing fame, the outfit’s most high-profile member says the weekly gigs are still reminiscent of when he was just starting his music career.

“We split up the money after the gig behind the amps, just like the old days,” Vince tells Portland’s Press Herald. “I like to joke, ‘It’s the only time I play in Nashville where I get paid.’ Every other gig is a benefit.”

“I just love playing music,” he adds. “I don’t know why some people have to think that if they do well they can’t be what they used to be. I like being what I used to be.”

Get a free download of “On the Outskirts of Town” here, and keep track of the Tim Jumpers upcoming gigs here.


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Interviews & TV Appearances > Other Projects > The Time Jumpers – On The Outskirts Of Town – Trailer
Interviews & TV Appearances > Other Projects > The Time Jumpers – On The Outskirts Of Town – BTS

Grey’s Anatomy’s Chyler Leigh Speaks About Lexie’s Heartbreaking Death

More than a month after we lost Lexie on the chilling Grey’s Anatomy season finale, it still hurts to think about helpless Little Grey trapped under the wreckage of a downed plane as she struggled to breathe through bloodied teeth. Well, Lexie’s portrayer, the always lovely Chyler Leigh, is happy to remind us, “I’m alive.” Here, for the first time since she released a brief statement explaining her reasons for leaving the series [we agreed not to get back into that], Leigh opens up about her last moments on set, what’s next and being honored by an organization helping to bring water to the world’s thirstiest.

TV Guide Magazine: Chyler! How are you?
 I’m good. If I cough, I’m sorry. I’m kind of getting over a little cold.

TV Guide Magazine: Well, you’re in much better shape than the last time we saw you on TV.
 [Laughs] For sure.

TV Guide Magazine: I first have to tell you, as hard as it was to lose you, your death scene was brilliantly acted.
 Aww. Thank you. I wasn’t really dying though. That was quite an experience. I haunted a lot of people.

TV Guide Magazine: We’ll talk more about that. In the meantime, what have you been up to?
 Life. A whole lot of life and I am so grateful that I get to be home with my kids who are three beautiful, complicated, dynamic children. I have a lot of life to live.

TV Guide Magazine: You also had a movie out that Justin Chambers [Alex] was originally slated to be in.
 Yes, Justin wasn’t available [because of his Grey’s shooting schedule] but we still made the movie called Brake with Stephen Dorff as the main character. I played his wife. It came out in March. A really incredible little movie.

TV Guide Magazine: So what’s next?
 A few things. My husband [actor Nathan West] and I write. There’s a musical thing and a children’s book we’re in the process of. It’s still all very much in the developmental stage.

TV Guide Magazine: Why is a children’s book something you wanted to do?
 We read books to our kids every night and my husband is such an amazing storyteller. He has them rolling with laughter. So we had some pretty profound ideas come up.

TV Guide Magazine: You and Nathan are being honored next week with the Pioneering Spirit Award by an organization called the Thirst Project. What’s this all about?
 The Thirst Project is a phenomenal organization [about] the water crisis. Almost one billion people on our planet don’t have access to any clean drinking water. 4400 kids die every single day from diseases caused by contaminated water. And eighty percent of all global diseases are water-born. It’s ridiculous. My eight-year-old son will complain about having to drink a cup of water and I’ll show him a video to watch. The Thirst Project has been able to build wells in several developing countries all around the globe and teach the people in the villages how to maintain them so they have clean water for life. Clean water has been brought to over 100,000 people over the world in just four short years. For my husband and I to be able to put our names out there, we’re able to be a part of it. We were also able to finance a well in Swaziland that’s making an impact.

TV Guide Magazine: Have you had a chance to visit any of these developing countries?
 I have to say that has been my heart’s desire since I was five. It seems like every time I had a chance I was having a child. But I will be going in September to Uganda and perhaps Swaziland. It’s a whole other thing to be impacted up close and personal.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you invite any of your Grey’s friends to come to your gala next week?
 Yeah I did, and so many people are going to be out of town. This is the family time for people to get out. They’re all over the place, and that’s okay.

TV Guide Magazine: Who do you still keep in touch with?
 I have a few people that I’ve reached out to, obviously with no offense to anyone else. I’ve texted back and forth with Sara [Ramirez] and Chandra [Wilson] and Sarah Drew. I owe Jessica [Capshaw] a text.

TV Guide Magazine: Fans were so invested in Lexie and Mark [Eric Dane] as a couple and so devastated by her death that some have expressed a desire for Mark to die as well and join her in the afterlife. What are your feelings on this?
 The roller coaster between them was always very dynamic and I think realistic. When it comes to death we never know the date or the hour. There is absolute shock value to that. As far as their relationship, it was in some ways very young. So Rachel and Ross [from Friends]. It’s so hard to put a pin in what went wrong or how it could have gone better. But will Mark go on? Absolutely. He’ll move right along. That’s just what Mark Sloane does. But initially I hope there will be a devastation.

TV Guide Magazine: Do you think Mark was the love of Lexie’s life?
 I do. She learned so much from him about herself and about life in general. I do think there could have been a destiny for that.

TV Guide Magazine: Will you submit your death scene for Emmy consideration?
 I didn’t push it. And I don’t know if my peeps did or not. I’m going to let Lexie be.

TV Guide Magazine: Was it hard to shoot that? Had you ever died on film before?
 No, I never died before. That sounds funny saying that. I think everyone has an emotional wellspring and that happened to be a moment where I was sprung.

TV Guide Magazine: Was it cold shooting that scene?
 It was. Cold. We were up at Big Bear and at one point it had snowed. Then it would rain and be sunny and hot.

TV Guide Magazine: Was any of the cast particularly supportive during the shoot?
 Everybody was very accommodating — the crew, cast. And I opted to stay underneath [the wreckage] for the most part over two days rather than trying to get in and out.

TV Guide Magazine: So after that, are you ready for another series right away?
 I don’t know really what I want to do. I’m always down to do a sitcom. I did That 80’s Showback in the day and that was a really great experience. I think comedy would be good for a while. Right now I’m just taking a pause from everything. We also live in Orange County so it’s nice not to have to drive back and forth to LA.

TV Guide Magazine: Lastly Chyler, of all of Lexie’s great scenes and storylines, which are you most proud of?
Ironically, I think her death. It really was a chance for me to be able to go from the beginning of the character to the end. There’s something that’s very bittersweet about that. Something about being able to be there for the moment of her death that I appreciate. I don’t know if that’s morbid or not, but that’s how I feel.


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