The Meaning Behind WestLeigh Symbol

Chyler posted on Modern Machine’s Facebook the meaning behind the WestLeigh symbol! I’ve embed the Facebook post entry here, make sure you read this special meaning!

The WestLeigh logo explained by Chyler Leigh

Posted by Modern Machine on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chyler & Nathan Release Original Song – Love Lit The Sky

Chyler and Nathan have released on their soundcloud account, an original song they wrote celebrating 13 wonderful years together! This song is so beautiful and it brought me to tears! Please tweet them both how much you love the song as well as getting others to listen to the song! If you have a soundcloud account leave them comments their as well! Just spread the song around and make sure you give them both feedback

First Promotional Image of Chyler in Supergirl

We have the first promotional image of Chyler in Supergirl. It’s just a promotional image and not episode still, but it’s a new Chyler picture! Hopefully we’ll be getting more including a group shot ones! Please credit us kindly if you are posting these anywhere else. Thank you.

Supergirl > Season 1 > Promotional Images

2015 Comic-Con Supergirl Panel Images Added

Last night, July 11, 2015 was the panel that featured Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl at Comic-Con! Chyler was there with the rest of the Supergirl cast! I’ve added high quality images of Chyler during the panel to the gallery, with more to come! Check out what is there already! Please credit us kindly if you are posting these anywhere else. Thank you.

Public & Events Appearances > 2015 > 2015 Comic-Con Supergirl Panel

TvLine Supergirl Comic Con Interview

Extremely excited the Supergirl cast meet with TvLine (whom I’m a big fan of, as they always been support of Chyler) sat down and interview the cast. Below I’ve embed the video the interview!


SiriusXM’s EW Radio From Comic-Con 2015 & EW Interview

I’ve added three high quality images of Chyler and the Supergirl cast the SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio broadcast from Comic-Con to the gallery. In addition to the these lovely images of Chyler, I’ve since we can’t embed the EW interview Chyler and the rest of the cast at the Entertainment Weekly Lounge, you can watch it here. Please credit us kindly if you are posting these anywhere else. Thank you.

Public & Events Appearances > 2015 > SiriusXM’s EW Radio Channel Broadcasts From Comic-Con 2015

New Layouts!

New Layouts!

I’ve upload new layouts for both the main site and gallery. While the shoot might be the same the header and site look for the main site and gallery are different. What I want to start of with saying, all of Chyler’s official links are on the navigation bar at the top on both main site and gallery. As well as Chyler’s link are the sites twitter and instagram link as well. Our links are to the right of the envelope icon and Chyler’s are to the left of the envelope icon. The lovely header was done by my amazing and dear friend Nicole and the theme was done by my other amazing and dear friend Carol! I want to thank them both for the amazing new look on the site!

Chyler attends the 6th annual Thirst Gala

Chyler and Nathan were at the 6th annual Thirst Gala. Chyler looked stunning as always. I’ve added HQ images to the gallery! Thank you to my dear and amazing friends Nicole and Marica for some of the lovely images of Chyler.
Please credit us kindly if you are posting these anywhere else. Thank you.


Public & Events Appearances > 2015 > The 6th Annual Thirst Gala

Supergirl gets premiere date

CBS has released the Fall 2015-2016 primetime premiere date schedule, which includes the premiere date of Supergirl!

Supergirl will be making it’s premiere on Monday, October 26 at 8:30pm Eastern time! On November 2, will move into it’s regular time slot of 8pm Eastern time!

Supergirl Cast Talk with Kristin from E!

During the CBS upfronts, the Supergirl cast had talked with E!’s Watch with Kristin, Kristin Dos Santos. I’ve embed the video below!

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