Chyler on set of Taxi Brooklyn South on July 30

Chyler was seen on set of her new shot Taxi Brooklyn South on July 30, 2013. Also, on the set of Taxi Brooklyn South was Jennifer Esposito. I’ve added images of Chyler on set to the gallery! Please credit us kindly and DO NOT REMOVE the site tags. Thank you.


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First Look of Chyler in Window Wonderland

I’ve added two images of Chyler in the first look of her in Window Wonderland! I’m extremely excited for this movie and I can’t wait for it! Take a look at the gallery to see the lovely new images of Chyler! Please credit us kindly and DO NOT REMOVE the site tags. Thank you.


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Chyler Leigh to star in Hallmark Channel’s Window Wonderland

A Christmas department store tradition brings two window decorators together in a holiday competition in the World Premiere of “Window Wonderland,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie premiering in Holiday 2013. Grammy Award-Winner Naomi Judd (“Nearlyweds”), Chyler Leigh (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Paul Campbell (“Play the Game”) and Cameron Mathison (“All My Children”) star in the festive holiday tale, part of Hallmark Channel’s annual COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS, the #1 most treasured holiday destination by television viewers.

It’s no holds barred when two Manhattan department store employees vie for the same job during the busy Christmas season. Sloan Van Doren (Leigh) is a driven young woman determined to become the next window dresser at McGuire’s department store and to uphold a 95-year old artistic holiday tradition. Serious and professional with an upper-crust air, she’s the polar opposite of the happy-go-lucky Jake Dooley (Campbell), who also wants the job. When Mr. Fitch (Matty Finochio, “Kiss at Pine Lake”), the head of advertising and promotion, gives them a challenge, the competition is on: each will create a series of seasonal storefront windows twice a week until Christmas. The creator of whichever window display gets the most attention from passersby will get the job.

As they go through their paces, with Jake’s obvious talent grabbing the public’s attention, a silent but mutual attraction develops between the pair, hampered by the contest and the presence of Kenneth (Mathison), Sloan’s blueblood boyfriend, who can’t understand the importance Sloan is placing on this job and why she won’t go to Aspen with him for the holidays. Supporting the efforts of the window dressers are McGuire’s veteran window washer Mac (Terence Kelly, “Goodnight for Justice”) and brassy bathroom attendant Rita (Judd) who have eyes for each other but haven’t done anything about it – yet. Love is in the air at McGuire’s but things aren’t exactly what they seem. It will take a little Christmas magic for everything to come into clear, picture perfect view. Let the games begin!

Not Another Teen Movie Movie Posters & Production Stills

I’ve added several rare and EXCLUSIVE images of Chyler Leigh, in Not Another Teen Movie. Chyler played Janey Briggs in the movie.
Please credit us kindly and DO NOT REMOVE the site tags. Thank you.


Movie Productions > Not Another Teen Movie (2001) > Movie Posters
Movie Productions > Not Another Teen Movie (2001) > Production Stills

Girls Club and That ’80s Show Promotional Images and Stills

I’ve added several rare and EXCLUSIVE images of Chyler Leigh, in Girls Club and That ’80s Show! Chyler played Sarah Mickle in the Girls Club. Chyler played June Tuesday in That ’80s Show.
Please credit us kindly and DO NOT REMOVE the site tags. Thank you.

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Television Projects > Girls Club (2003) > Season 1 > Episode Stills
Television Projects > That ’80s Show (2002) > Season 1 > Promotional Images
Television Projects > That ’80s Show (2002) > Season 1 > Episode Stills

Safe Harbor Promotional Images

I’ve added two rare and EXCLUSIVE images of Chyler Leigh, in a short lived television series Safe Harbor. Chyler played the role of Jamie Martin in the series!
Please credit us kindly and DO NOT REMOVE the site tags. Thank you.


Television Projects > Safe Harbor (1999) > Season 1 > Promotional Images

Chyler to star in Taxi: Brooklyn South

According to Spoiler TV, Chyler will star in action-buddy comedy series Taxi: Brooklyn South, which is a remake of a French film franchise (which has four films so far). In the new show, she’ll play a “NYPD officer who partners up with a French taxi driver,” and it starts filming in just a few weeks.

Luc Besson (who wrote and produced the Taken, Transporter, the original Taxi films, La Femme Nikita, and much more) is producing the series, and his frequent collaborator Olivier Megaton (who directed many of the above listed films) will direct at least the first two episodes.

In 2004, there was an American film remake with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon, which also was set in New York and only grossed $11 million for the studio. Not too promising, but hey — it’s been more than a decade and Chyler is starring, so we have high hopes. The French leading role has not been cast yet (though Spoiler TV notes Inglorious Basterds’ Jacky Ido is attached to the project), but hopefully they’ll have great chemistry.


Support the Thirst Project in Chyler Leigh’s honor!

Almost 1 Billion on our planet don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water and proper sanitization. That’s one in every eight of us. 4,400 children die every day from diseases caused by contaminated water. That’s huge. That’s approximately one child every 15 seconds. 80% of all global diseases are water-borne and result from drinking contaminated water. These diseases kill more than 2.2 million people every year. (x)

To learn more on how to get invovled and help out the cause visit

How did you first get involved with this cause?

Seth Maxwell, who developed Thirst Project, is an incredibly charismatic and energetic person — infectiously so — in the sense that he is so passionate about raising awareness about the need for water in Africa. He has done tremendous work on college campuses, working with students to make the awareness come through the younger generation, which is extraordinarily important. I met Seth when he was just starting everything, and my husband and I loved the cause, plus Seth has such a huge heart for Africa and the dire needs of 1.1 billion people who don’t have access to clean water. I don’t think people understand the statistics of just how many people that is. My husband and I have funded several wells, and when I see pictures of child drinking from those wells, I start crying. How simple a thing that is, clean water — and we take it for granted. (x)

Chyler and Nathan have donated 15,000 dollars to build a well in Swaziland, Africa (x)

How to donate?

Chyler Leigh has always been passionate about The Thirst Project. The Thirst Project is an amazing cause. As a Chyler fan I’m hoping we all can band together and donate money in honor of Chyler Leigh. The deadline for donations is on June 22. You can donate by clicking the donation button below. In order to keep track of the donations I’ll make the grand deposit to donation through the Thirst Project on June 23.
However, if you plan on donating more than $20 and would like a receipt for Tax Purposes, please donate the through the Thirst Project site with a note Donation to Thirst Project in the name of Chyler Leigh, from her fans at
If you donate through the Thirst Project site please shoot me an email to chylernetwork[at] with your name and amount (also please include a print screen of the paypal payment receipt) so I can add it to the list of donors and add it the current amount of donations we have. I’ll be also sending the list to Thirst Project, so I’d like to include your name on it too!
Last year (2012) we raised $710 in Chyler’s name from the fans. Also, they funded a well in the name of the people that donated, you can watch the video here. Let’s try to raise more this year!

New Layouts!

Chyler Leigh Network, got a brand much needed new looks! Thank you to my amazing and talented friend Nicole.
Also, the site now has a link in the header for Chyler supports on The Thirst Project. Also, in the header, is a link to our twitter and site email.
Other than that, I really hope you all enjoy these new layouts, as much as I do.


Happy Birthday Chyler!

Wishing Chyler the most wonderful birthday this year, from all the fans at Chyler Leigh Network and myself, Happy birthday Chyler!!!

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