Chyler photographed Kharen Hill

Chyler was recently photographed by Kharen Hill who shared three lovely images of Chyler on her instagram here.

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Child’s Play Song Release

We have a new song released from Nathan (East of Eli) called Child’s Play. Chyler is on the song a little bit as well. You all know the drill, spread the word about this song and all of East of Eli’s music. Ask radio stations to play this song, go buy it on iTunes and post about it everywhere.

Also, Avery Thompson, from post an interview she did with Nathan and Chyler, here, and they do talk about Child’s Play song. So check it out while you are spreading the word about this song!

Happy birthday Chyler!

Happy birthday Chyler! I hope you have an amazing and wonderful day! For such an amazing and wonderful person you are, you deserve everything you could possible want today! You are an inspiration! You are amazing person and deserve to be celebrated today! So I hope you get some amazing celebrating done and have the most amazing day you can possible have!

Chyler attends 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

On April 1, 2017 Chyler attended the 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards with Supergirl co-star Floriana Lima, in which Supergirl was up for the Outstanding Drama. While Supergirl didn’t win for the category Chyler had posted this post (earlier in the night before heading to the award) about what it meant to her. In addition Chyler looked extremely stunning and beautiful last night.

Also, a huge thank you to Marica and Carolfor some of the help with the pictures! Please credit us kindly if you are posting these anywhere else. Thank you.

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Love Lit The Sky Music Video

This is the music video for Love Lit The Sky song that Chyler and Nathan both did!

Chyler Leigh Whosay and DC Interviews

The first interview video is a continuation of the previously posted whosay interview Chyler did with Julia Cunningham. Chyler talks about the LBGTQ, interacting with fans on social media and more. The second interview video is Chyler talking with DC.

Chyler Debuts as a Singer on Husband’s Nathan West’s Song ‘Nowhere’ | WHOSAY

Chyler sat down for an interview with Julia Cunningham. Though, however this isn’t Chyler’s first time singing, as she sang on the musical episode of Grey’s Anatomy and has sang some songs with her husband Nathan West.

Nowhere by East of Eli featuring Chyler Leigh

On Valentines Day, Chyler and her husband Nathan West (East of Eli) released a song they did together for his upcoming album called Nowhere.
This song is so amazing and I love it. As you all know Chyler is just brilliantly amazing on it as well.
Please make sure you listen to the song, make sure you share it with everyone, get the word out there.

Also, Chyler and Nathan’s song was featured in a People magazine online article which can be found here

East of Eli – 3 Song Preview

So Nathan West released 3 new songs from his upcoming album! They are on his website and you can check out the embed tweet below! Keep in mind as well Nathan did mention Chyler will be singing as well. Must say loving these previews already and can’t wait for more. Please spread the word and make sure you check out East of Eli official site

2.05 – Crossfire – Caps Added

Monday night, November 7, 2016 was the fifth episode of season 2 of Supergirl on The CW! This Supergirl episode was titled “Crossfire“. Chyler was amazing in all her scenes in this episode! What was your favorite Alex scene in this episode? Episode 2.06 titled “Changing” will air on November 14, 2016. In the mean time enjoy these lovely caps of Alex from the fourth episode of season 2!

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