New Layouts!

Chyler Leigh Network, has a stunning new layout (the gallery also matches the main site now!) A huge thank you to my ever amazing and lovely friend Nicole, for the stunning new look on the main site and gallery!

Also, you’ll notice the biggest and newest addition to the layout is the links to Chyler’s official social network; Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (which can be found at the top of the site next to the latest images). (The confirmation, confirming those are her official social network can be found here.)

In addition to the site having Chyler’s official social network links, we still always have a link to our twitter account (@chylernetwork, which make sure you also follow to stay up to date) and also a link to email us if you need to or ask us any question (please be strongly advise, any emails sent to us are not seen by Chyler, so please don’t send them us to show or pass along to Chyler.)

I really hope you all enjoy these new layouts, as much as I do. If you notice any errors or anything, please let me know. Also, don’t forget to follow Chyler Leigh Network on twitter @chylernetwork.