Chyler Leigh on Sandra Oh

“Working with Sandra was a major lesson for me about grace, giftedness and passion. She is probably the best-prepared actor I’ve ever seen or met. The incredibly thought-out sticky notes that plagued her scripts were an incredible example of why we do what we do for a living. She dissects everything — no pun intended — and embodies such an honest authenticity through every word that leaves her mouth, whether spoken or unspoken,” says Leigh, who stars in Taxi Brooklyn, which NBC recently acquired. “Her graciousness to give a scene partner 110 percent every single take is, in my book, unparalleled. I am honored to know her and to have worked with someone so classy, so sincere, so intelligent and so damn talented. She was really the first castmember I worked the most with, being one of her interns. Amid the drama of the show, we always managed to laugh together. I appreciate her tremendously. And, might I add … she’s just beautiful. She’s absolutely ageless.”