New Layouts and Exciting News !


First off, hope you all love the new layouts on the main site and the gallery site! These layouts were designed by my amazing friend, Nicole! Along with the layouts, I want to inform you all on some major changes; first off, the social network links. The links for CHYLER’S SOCIAL NETWORK (and additionally her ONLY networks she has) are to the left of the latest pictures, our network links are at the top next to the navigation bar (in addition, I’ve had the site recently join Instagram and it is @chylernetworks). And lastly Nathan’s and Modern Machine’s networks are in the sidebar, under Chyler’s twitter feed! Please let me know if you find any errors, so I can fix them!

Now the exciting news, some of you might remember back at the end of June, Chyler had tweeted about working on making this site her official site (if you hadn’t seen the tweet or want to revisit the tweet, it can be found here). Well I’m very pleased to announce that this site is officially Chyler Leigh’s official site! I am extremely honored that Chyler wants this site to be her official site. Honestly, words can’t express how much it means to me. I do want to mention that if you send mail to the our email address hoping it’d be seen by Chyler, sadly it won’t. You can check out the FAQ, along with reaching Chyler through her social networks, in order to talk to her.

Below, is the embed video of Chyler posting on Instagram, announcing the site is our official site!