1.04 – Livewire Caps Added

Monday night, November 16, 2015 was the fourth episode of Supergirl, titled Livewire. Chyler was amazing in this episode. This was one of my favorite episodes that have aired so far! Not just because of the Alex scenes but as the whole show in general. I love the development that we saw with Cat and Kara. I love getting more flashbacks and learning about Alex’s father. What was your favorite Alex scene? The fifth episode is titled How Does She Do It?, will be airing on Monday, November 23, at 8pm EST! Below, I’ve added screencaps of Chyler as Alex Danvers in Supergirl from the fourth episode Livewire! Enjoy them.
CBS had changed How Does She Do It? and Livewire, due to what’s going on in Paris. Since on CBS website they are making Livewire as episode 4, is why I’m keeping it as episode 4 on the site. I know other places are labeling it still as episode 5, but I want to keep it as it labeled on CBS site.

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