Chyler Leigh Birthday Project

So Chyler’s birthday is fast approaching on April 10. I’ve decided, let’s do something that will be one of the most amazing and meaningful things to give Chyler, let’s donate to The Thirst Project! In the past when I’ve done the donations to the Thirst Project with all you amazing fans that visited the site we did it through Paypal. Now since the Thirst Project has were we can create campaigns I did just that.
So right now I’ve set the limit/goal to be $500, I’d love for us to donate more so if we do reach that goal I’ll raise it. I have the end date as Chyler’s birthday. I’ll be making sure Chyler knows all the people that have donated for her birthday project. While we are doing this for Chyler’s birthday we are also making a very much needed!
So go here to donate! Also, don’t forget to learn more about Thirst Project visit