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Ask Chyler Questions on Create Change about bullying

I’m please to be able to finally announce that Chyler Leigh Network is teaming up with Create Change and all our fans. We would like you all to submit questions to the here. Reason we are asking for these questions as we will be presenting them for a Q&A for Chyler (though those details are to come). Check out the tweet below and go submit.

Preorder Shirt Designed by Chlyer & Angelo

Chyler and Angelo (from Create Change) designed a No Power Over Me shirt that is available for preorder. Check out the embedded tweet below.

Read Chyler’s Bullied and the Beast article

Create Change has posted Chyler Leigh’s article titled Bullied and the Beast, which is in relation to the anti-bullying article. Don’t forget in order to read it you will need to be registered at Create Change