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Supergirl Cast Talk with Kristin from E!

During the CBS upfronts, the Supergirl cast had talked with E!’s Watch with Kristin, Kristin Dos Santos. I’ve embed the video below!

Chyler Talks Grey’s Anatomy

Supergirl – First Look Trailer

I’ve also added screencaps of Chyler in the first look trailer, into the gallery. Enjoy!


Supergirl > Season 1 > Screencaps > First Look – Promo 1

Chyler and Nathan Thank the Fans

Nathan posted a video on twitter with Chyler and himself, thanking the fans for listening to the their cover of the The Luckiest!

Taxi Brooklyn Interviews

NBC posted on their Taxi Brooklyn youtube channel, two Chyler Leigh Taxi Brooklyn interviews. I’ve embed them below.

Chyler Leigh talks Taxi Brooklyn & Grey’s Anatomy

Below, I’ve embed two videos below of Chyler talking about Taxi Brooklyn and Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve also added caps of the interviews into the gallery, which you can find the links below


Interviews & TV Appearances > Online Interviews > Chyler – Talks Taxi Brooklyn

Chyler Leigh talks Taxi Brooklyn

Below, I’ve embed a video of Chyler and her co-star Jacky Ido talking about Taxi Brooklyn! Check it out below and enjoy it! It does contain some spoilers about Chyler’s character Caitlyn Sullivan

Taxi Brooklyn Trailer

Thank you to Larissa for the heads up. The trailer for Taxi Brooklyn starts at 5:35 mark. I’ve also added caps to the gallery.


Television Projects > Taxi Brooklyn South > Season 1 > Screencaps > Trailer 1

Chyler talks Window Wonderland favorite scene & Sloan

Chyler Leigh plays Sloan Van Doren on Hallmark’s channel movie Window Wonderland, premiering on November 23 at 8pm ET/PT. Chyler talks about her favorite scene in the movie here and Chyler, also describes Sloan here. I’ve added caps of both interviews into the gallery.

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Movie Productions > Window Wonderland (2013) > Chyler Leigh – Favorite Scene
Movie Productions > Window Wonderland (2013) > Chyler Leigh – Describes Sloan

Window Wonderland Premiere Promo

Hallmark released the first promo of Window Wonderland, which premieres on November 23 at 8pm ET/PT. Along with the promo (which I can’t embed but once I’m able to I will) you can watch it here, I’ve also added caps of the promo to the gallery.
ETA: I’ve embed the promo below!


Movie Productions > Window Wonderland (2013) > Window Wonderland – Premiere Promo

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